Seeking Valentina


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Posted by Bob Delgadillo Events Photographer on Tuesday, July 28, 2015
Ali Bavarian plays Benjamin, a grieving writer.

Persian-American director Armin Nasseri is the director of "Seeking Valentina". 


An award-winning, internationally-acclaimed short film by Armin Nasseri & prod. by Kristin West

Kristin West, as seen on "Hell's Kitty", "The Nayoran Saga", "Circus of the Dead", among many others plays the title role.

When a writer in the pangs of mourning takes in a mysterious tenant, eerily reminiscent of his deceased wife, is she a hallucination, a dream, a ghost?  Or is she a runaway?  Persian-American Director Armin Nasseri explores the notion of love lost in his latest short,

"Seeking Valentina", filmed on location at historic Starvation Flats Ranch in Big Bear, CA.